The Agreement between SCB-Telkom University and FIABIKOM UNIKA ATMAJAYA

On Wednesday (4/09), The School of Communication and Business (SCB) Telkom University established a collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration and Communication Science (FIABIKOM)-UNIKA ATMAJAYA.

Ade Irma Susanty, Ph.D as a Dean of SCB Telkom University, and Dr. Eko Widodo – Dean of FIABIKOM UNIKA ATMAJAYA are agreeing to utilize the resources owned by both parties in training, research and development activities as well as community service to Media Literacy so that they can contribute to sustainable national development.

We expected that after the signing of this Agreement, SCB Telkom University and FIABIKOM UNIKA ATMAJAYA can expand the scope of cooperation in the future. (Sept,2019)

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