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School of Communication & Business (SCB) established since 2014, after the expansion process of the School of Economics and Business – Telkom University. SCB houses three Undergraduate Study Programs; Communication Science, Business Administration, and Digital Public Relations. Until 2019 a total of 4000 alumni of SCB have been involved and become part of industry and government


Undergraduate program:







SCB has 12 laboratory rooms to support the learning process, so students can practice and improve skills needed by the industry, please find our 12 laboratory;

  1.  Audit Communication
  2. Radio
  3. Broadcast/TV
  4. Digital Broadcast/TV
  5. Fotografi
  6. Multimedia
  7. Post Production/Animation
  8. Smart Dynamic Communication Model
  9. Business Model & Entrepreneur Spirit
  10. Business Simulation/SAP/Statistics
  11. Retail Preneur
  12. Public Speaking


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The Communication Science Studies Program established in 2008, has two specializations, specialization of marketing communication and broadcasting. Learning systems and ICT-based facilities, complete with radio, television, photography and multimedia laboratories, our laboratories are facilitated by means of discussion and developing soft skills through a forum of student clubs including Ready Radio club, Kofi Photography club, Ikom Channel club, and ICT club. Communication Science undergraduates are ready to join the world of work, we are also expected to be able to make undergraduates who have an entrepreneurial spirit in the field of communication because they have been provided with the knowledge and expertise acquired in entrepreneurial learning activities.


Bethary Estetika – Campaign Management Supervisor [Bukalapak]
Communication Science Alumni 2011
The communication science program has a good ambiance learning, both the theory and the experience are useful. In the world of work, it’s important to learn more about what is done and to be done, we must be prepared to face unpredictable challenges. Remember, being the smartest one during college with a high GPA score and active in every activity is not an important thing. We should commit to improve and develop ourselves in every way. You’ll have all from the Communication Science study program – School of Communication and Business. I hope SCB gives an opportunity for all students to discuss and hear constructive aspirations and support students’ creative ideas. Bethary Estetika  



Business Administration Study Program was born in 2008 and has three specializations; marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship. Business administration prepares prospective experts in the field of contemporary business management, who are capable of acting in the domestic and global business world, always ready with anticipation of change, and able to have competitive advantages in response to the challenges of business competition. Facilitated with Laboratory of Retail Preneur and Business Simulation & Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Yuli Setiawan- Master Vocational Education and Personnel Capacity Building TU Dresden, Germany
Business Administration Alumni  2011
Currently (2019) studying the Vocational Education and Personnel Capacity Building Master at Technische Universität Dresden, Germany on a DAAD scholarship. Previously I worked as a Program and Evaluation staff at the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. During college, I joined organizations both on and off-campus, such as Himala, HIPMI, Young Indonesia Forum, etc. As a student, there were many lessons and knowledge that I got including about how to think critically, solve a problem in a good case. The knowledge and experience are beneficial to me both in the organization and in the world of work. In the future, hopefully, Business Administration – SCB will further expand cooperation with universities abroad and also with industry a national and international scale


The Digital Community Relations Study Program was born in 2017, We introduce Digital and Traditional Public Relations which are focused on building brands, or public persuasion digitally through web-based media and building it through electronic and print media.

LisdaLisda Muliani Sekar Arum [Student of Digital Public Relations 2017]

Hello! I am Lisda, student  from Digital Public Relations. Being a part of Digital Public Relations Telkom University about this 4 semesters, lots of new things certainly opening my mind, many new activities also exciting and useful, I got lots of new experiences from practical activities during learning, in the process we are not only learn on the paper but also do lots of practical activities directly. I do really like the lecturers in Digital Public Relations, they are always give the material in a new way that is easy to digest, hope you guys come and join with us, see you…


  1. Aligning Malaysian SMEs with the Megatrends: The Roles of HPWPs and Employee Creativity in Enhancing Malaysian SME Performance.
  2. A comparative study of customer brand choice: the case of ride sharing services in Malaysia and Indonesia
  3. Bandung E-parkir with  RAD research