BRI x Google Hackathon: Congratulations to the 3rd Winner of Startup Competition, “Ketringan”!


KETRINGAN (KETering RINGAN), that means a light catering, is one of startups mentored by Telkom University that won the 3rd place in the BRI x Google Hackathon Competition in Bandung, 2020. This competition was aimed to support the collaboration of startups or technology activators with BRI and also Google on building the technology platform to develop UMKM (Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses) in Indonesia.

As a technology-based startup, Ketringan becomes the provider of marketplace service that meets UMKM in catering and culinary field with consumers that need catering services, for day-to-day needs, or in certain events.

Another achievement by Ketringan is to be one of startup representations from Indonesia in the StartupIstanbul Event, on April 2020 and chosen as the top 100 startup from the total of 160.916 startups that were registered.

Members of Ketringan are active students of Telkom University, and the startup is a collaboration of these 3 (three) faculties, which are: Faculty of Applied Science (FIT), Faculty of Communication and Business (FKB), and Faculty of Informatics (FIF).

Ketringan is led by Rizsa El Akbar (as the CEO), a D3 student of Faculty of Applied Science with a major of Information System, and mentored by Mr. Robbi Hendriyanto (lecturer of FIT), Mrs. Retno Setyorini (lecturer of FKB), and Kristina Sisilia (lecturer of FKB) as members of Startuphub (Startup Ecosystem Community in Telkom University).

Congratulations to winners and mentors!

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