Counseling about the Application of Marketing Mix in the Network through Social Media to Build Customer Relationships on Young Entrepreneur Cadre HABIM in Bandung

Marketing currently experiencing a fluctuating increase in creating value for customers and building close relationships with customers caused to create customer profits and equity. Customers can form expectations for producers about the value and satisfaction that will be given in the world of market offerings and it is certain that customers will be able to buy a product or service based on their expectations. The real form that we can experience that when customers are satisfied in buying a product or service, they will tell their experiences and tell people closest, and vice versa when customers are dissatisfied, they will switch to competitors and not be surprised to denigrate the products they buy to other people.

This is what underlies the Lecturer Team of the Communication Science Studies Program-SCB held a “Counseling about the Application of Marketing Mix in the Network through Social Media to Build Customer Relationships at the HABIM Young Entrepreneur Cadre in Bandung” which was attended by 40 participants involved during the event. Participants who come from various business backgrounds or businesses that they field every day, ranging from home-based businesses, insurance, joint ventures with closest friends are certain products or services that they market through the latest digital media. As a result during the discussion, many of the experiences they shared related to their successes and obstacles in building relationships with customers so as not to turn to other competitors.

So in the end, marketers are having to be careful enough to set the right level of expectations. If they set expectations too low, they might satisfy the customer who bought the product but failed to attract enough buyers. If marketers raise expectations too high, buyers are disappointed. Value and customer satisfaction are the keys to developing and managing customer relationships. Customer relationship management is the most important concept in modern marketing because it is able to build and maintain profitable customer relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction.

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